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Serversmash 70: We Got This, Senpai.

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Janitor Jones, 27 Nov 2016.

  1. Janitor Jones

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    21 Jul 2015
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    27 November 2016
    WIB SS Squad Leader
    Battle Log

    1. I was hyped up for this particular match. I talked to the commanders about it and everyone decided that I will be running the squad lead on Serversmash. This was yet another challenge for me to prove my worth and show them that I am NOT a spy. I may have started out as one, but over the last 11 months or so, this outfit has grown on me.

    2. So I did my prep. coordinating logistics and schedule and accounts and whatnot. I even got illustration pictures for deployment spots & beacon spots, because my boys are.. well. They need the extra help, thats all Im saying.

    3. It was all set. We were playing NC and holding out the furthest Western Lane on Hossin:
    Edgewater> Sharpie's Run > Genudine Holographics

    4. But after all that's been said and done, after all that hard work, I came down with a boo boo. It came down the day before match day. maybe it was anxiety, maybe it was frustration, but whatever it is, it kinda made the boo boo worse!

    5. I woke up that day, put on a brave face, and prepared to face the guys that I am about to let loose in one of the biggest games Miller will be facing this year.

    I gotta admit, I was frustrated, and a little bit annoyed at myself, but the guys were great. they said nothing but encouraging words to me, telling me "Get some rest, eat bananas for potassium and at dawn, look to the West for Gandalf."

    6. So Zoomer took the squad with almost no knowledge of the whole strategy. But I knew that these boys had prepped enough to fill in any gaps. So I left the Teamspeak and sat quietly in front of the PSB's Twitch loading screen, wondering if I could've done any better.

    7. Too late now, Its the starting tick and we lost Edgewater. throughout the map, Cobalt appear to have won the 'opening move' first 10 mins with 50-48. and as the saying goes, "Win the first engagement, win the game". I was anxious.

    8. But then we started slowly pushing back! recapping Edgewater and RO/LPS/UFOs pushed the other side lanes on Iron Quay. Miller took lead at 51 - 47 as the southern lanes also pushed. C'mon boys we can do this!

    9. Halfway in, the middle lanes crumbled and threatening OUR lanes with a cut-off to three bases. similar thing happening on the mid-east lanes on Woodman LSE. 30 mins in, score is now 47-50 to Cobalt with a few free cut off bases yet to go through. Fuck.

    Eastern Lanes seemed unopposed and Western Lanes (Ours) seem to make small progress, so these fuckers on Mid better not fucking FEED.


    10. Somehow BOBSQUAD on East manage to cap Mulac Techplant and after that Bases start falling on our side like Dominoes. 40 Minutes left we flipped the script with 51-48 to Miller. Fuck Yes. It was still too close. Anything, ANYTHING could still happen. I hope my Boys are doing alrite.

    **ALERT: Message incoming**
    from WIB:


    11. Annndd few minutes later, WIB capped Genudine Holographics! a three point base, with equal pops and no cheese! Even the casters are Baffled! with Miller now leading 56-43, the game was pretty much in the bag.

    12. I admit I was worried at first, but the boys pulled through. What a stellar performance!

    - END -


    Story by,
    Author of Children's Book 2003 Bestseller
    "Your Mom"
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    When is Kathul diary vol 2 comin out?
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    17 Feb 2016
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    You wot?