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! NEWS ! We are on Discord now !

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by CodexCharash, 9 Sep 2017.

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    29 Jun 2015
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    Hey guys,

    so in the last days we arranged a complete Community merge together with UFO WOHA and WIB ! Since our Outfits are playing together for a long time and our TR partners have moved to WIB teamspeak, we finally agreed on doing this Community Merge now !
    So what is happening now?
    • We will move our Forums and daily chats to Discord which is a free program
    • Our Voice Communication will still be on Teamspeak !
    • We will use the combined pop of our 3 Outfits to start live-server ops again ( in the beginning we will have ops on TR and VS with weekly rotation)
    • WOHA will be the competitive wing of our Community ( for Scrims ,smashes....)
    • WIB will be the live-server outfit for VS
    • Ufo's will be the live-server outfit for TR
    • Our new Alliance will be called Saltwork Brotherhood, but Ingame all Outfits will keep their names !
    What do you guys have to do now ?
    • JOIN on Discord with the following link: https://discord.gg/nS5rbDb if you should have questions about discord, you can ask any Commander or Admin on Teamspeak
    • Meet all the people from the Saltwork Brotherhood ( most of them you will already know)
    • Last but not least , come back on the live Server and let's make Our New Community great again :) like Donald would say :)

    So see you guys Ingame, on Discord or on teamspeak :D
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