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[EVENT] Scrim Masters :Europe

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by CodexCharash, 17 Dec 2016.

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    SCRIM Masters: Europe

    Scrim Master: Europe is an event organized by the community. This event is taking place on Jaeger-server (where server smashs are ). Most of the teams are already signed up, the rulebook is announced on reddit, the Draft is done and the first prep/matches are taking place

    Also Solo players are welcome to join this event because especially smaller outfit will have issues to fill up the 20 man tournament rosters, so if you know anyone who could be interested in filling up a team then give him the following link. === Solo sign-up link can also be found on reddit ( link below)

    If you as an outfit member want to take part, ask Z00mer for a spot on the rooster. but on our team cp-members will have priority because they are practising exactly for this tournament so it could be that the rooster is already filled. If this should be the case we will try to find a solution.

    For more informations about the SME check out Miller or Cobalt reddit.

    Additional to the tournament process we will try to livestream most of the games :


    • 06 - 09 January 2017
    • 12v12 Infantry
    • 16 Teams
    • 20 Players Roster
    Round 1 of SME Tournament