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SweetFX 1.0

Adding SweetFX to Planetside 2

  1. Carraxos

    SweetFX is an injector/shader suite that adds post processing effects to your game, giving you the ability to tweak things like contrast, vibrance, saturation, HDR, lighting and shadows as well as many other filters like film grain, technicolour and sepia.

    It’s commonly used to give a graphical and aesthetic boost to your game, and in my opinion improves every game it's applied to.

    I've been using it on Planetside 2 for the best part of 6 months now with no problem. I would definitely recomend it.


    1. Download the resource.

    2. Open the zip folder.

    3. Extract the contents directly into your Planetside 2 main directory. This should include:

    SweetFx folder
    SweetFX readme.txt

    4. Start the game.

    5. Once in-game you can toggle the SweetFX on or off using the 'SCROLL LOCK' key.

    You may want to adjust your in-game brightness to your liking.

    That’s it.

    You can alter the settings and effects manually using the SweetFX_settings.txt. Also there are many 'presets' made by people available on the web for you to try. My download above already contains my custom preset for Planetside 2.

    To remove/uninstall SweetFX just delete the items you copied over.


    1. 1 -SweetFX_After.png
    2. 1 -SweetFX_Before.png
    3. 2 -SweetFX_After.png
    4. 2 -SweetFX_Before.png
    5. 3 -SweetFX_After.png
    6. 3 -SweetFX_Before.png
    7. 4 -SweetFX_After.png
    8. 4 -SweetFX_Before.png
    9. 5 -SweetFX_After.png
    10. 5 -SweetFX_Before.png

Recent Reviews

  1. pure crystal21
    pure crystal21
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing little piece of technology right there!
  2. sakuRaZz
    Version: 1.0
    don't know how i could enjoy playing ps2 without this :) many thx!