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Reshade and MasterEffect 1.1

Shaders for Planetside 2

  1. Carraxos

    What is Reshade?
    ReShade is an advanced, fully generic post-processing injector for games. It boosts the aesthetic of your game by allowing you to control things such as colour, ambient occlusions, depth of field effects and so on.

    What is MasterEffect?
    The MasterEffect shadersuite is a huge shader library for ReShade, containing everything from simple image adjustments like color saturation, contrast and brightness to complex post processing effects which let today's triple A video game titles look they way they do, such as Depth of Field, Ambient Occlusion, Global Illumination, Bloom, Lens Flares and many more. No matter if you want to compensate monitor specific color differences or spice up old titles to a point where they put 5 years newer titles to shame, MasterEffect contains everything you can imagine and more.


    1. Download the resource.

    2. Open the zip folder.

    3. Extract the contents directly into your Planetside 2 main directory. This should include:

    MasterEffect folder

    4. Start the game.

    5. Once in game you shoul see some text on the top left indicating that it is working.

    6. Use 'Scroll Lock' key to toggle on and off.

    You can alter the individual settings manually by editing the 'MasterEffect.h' file. Play around with the various settings to get your desired result!






    2_after.png 2_before.png 3_after.png 3_before.png